Privacy Policy

With Vet Vet English, you can learn from professionals who are highly skilled English speakers with years of teaching experience.

VetVetEnglish (henceforth referred to as "we") supports the confidentiality of personal data by creating a system for securing personal data, establishing the following privacy policy, and making sure that all staff members understand the value of protecting personal data and are completely mindful of what they are doing.

①Personal Information Administration

To keep your personal information verified and up-to-date, as well as to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or falsification of personal information, we take necessary precautions, such as maintaining a security framework, developing a system for management, and extensively training personnel. We additionally implement safeguards and firmly regulate your confidential data.

②Personal Data Usage

Your personal information will be used to get in contact with you, respond to your inquiries, and offer you information about our school.

③Prohibition on Sharing Personal Information

We are going to responsibly handle the personal information we collect from our customers and never provide it to third parties unless in the following circumstances: ・If the client gives their approval. ・We share personal information with service providers who offer assistance to our customers. ・When required by law or regulation to provide information.

④Safety precautions regarding confidential information

We implement every possible safeguard to ensure the confidentiality and safety of personal data.

⑤Amendment of Customer Details

Upon verifying the customer's authorization, we will respond to inquiries from customers seeking to access, update, or withdraw their personal information.

⑥Monitoring and adhering to legal requirements as well as community norms

We shall adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and other regulations in Japan regarding personal information within our jurisdiction. We will also continually assess and strengthen the details included in this policy.

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